1717 Holiday Drive Janesville, WI  | P: (608) 757-2334  |  F: (608) 757-9581                Hours | Monday - Friday 8a-4p | Saturday & Sunday - By Appointment ONLY.

CLOSED - NO BOARDING/GROOMING APRIL 14-17 2022                       

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Thank you for your interest in The Suites! We look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to take a tour before your pets stay, please call or email to set up a time. *We are not taking any tours or walk ins at this time (due to covid 19) - See our facebook page for most recent updates!*

The Suites will be closed - no boarding / grooming, April 24-17 2022.

Phone: (608) 757-2334
Fax: (608) 757-9581
E-Mail: thesuitesboarding@gmail.com


By Appointment Only

By Appointment Only

The Suites' Lobby is CLOSED on all major Holidays! No pick up/Drop offs


We are currently not accepting new grooming clients. We have no boarding availability for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years, and have no weekend boarding availability until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

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