1717 Holiday Drive Janesville, WI  | P: (608) 757-2334  |  F: (608) 757-9581                We are OPEN!  Hours | Monday - Friday 8a-4p | Saturday & Sunday - By Appointment ONLY.                       

What Your Boarding Includes:

  • Room Service - fresh water every morning, feeding on your pets normal schedule, cleaning of room as needed, and as always...cuddles!
  • Complimentary Laundry Services - as needed and time permitting.
  • Dishware (please do not bring your own unless it is a slow feeder)
  • Blankets, cots, and small beds. 
  • Play time! Dogs are taken outside at least 6 times per day. If your dog requires extra exercise we do not charge extra for more outdoor/play time! We cater to your pets needs. Cats are let out periodically through the day for some time outside of their cage! 
  • If things get messy (not common, but it is a possibility) we always do our best to give your dog a bath before going home. (Time permitting) 
  • Climate controlled building - Our entire building is heated in the winter and air conditioned in the summer. Our outdoor area is mostly roofed so it stays nice and cool during the hot summer months. 
  • Security System - Our building is equipt with a brand new security system (2018) with motion detectors, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide detectors. 
  • Radios are left on all night long at a soothing volume to ensure relaxation. 
  • ALL Suites have walls separating them from other suites. This ensures NO cross contamination from neighbors and NO possibility of injuries sustained from neighbors. (as opposed to chainlink fencing)

What We Need From You


To make things easy, it is best if you create a profile before calling to book your reservation. This ensures we can book your pets stay right as we are speaking to you on the phone. **We cannot reserve your pet a spot unless you have a profile created - HOLIDAYS BOOK ATLEAST 2 MONTHS IN ADVANCE PLEASE BOOK ACCORDINGLY** Even if you don't need our services now, but may need them in the future.... just make a profile! It will come in handy when you need us!

Vaccination Requirements

Whether coming in for Boarding or Grooming ALL animals need to be up to date on vaccinations. We like to make sure that the animal was given the vaccinations at least a week before an appointment. We will need a copy of vaccinations, you can either have your vet FAX the records over to (608)757-9581 or EMAIL them to us at thesuitesboarding@gmail.com . If you have a copy, we can make a copy for our records upon arrival.

We unfortunately do not accept puppies who have not received the full round of shots we require. 

Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies

Rabies, RECOMMEND Feline Leukemia, RECOMMEND Distemper


If you have a senior pet or a pet with special needs we will administer medications as needed and follow up with your veterinarian during their stay. Please let your veterinarian know your pet will be staying with us.

We require you to bring medication in the prescription bottle where the dosage instructions are properly listed. 

What to Bring

  • Food*
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Blankets/Tshirts that smell like home. We do provide blankets for all of our suites. 


The Suites no longer provides food for your pets. We will always have food on hand in case of emergency, but you are required to bring your own food. We also no longer accept large bags of dog food.

Please prepackage your pets food with the correct amount in sandwhich bags (ie. 1 bag am 1 bag pm). You can also bring a tupperware container, or big ziplock bag full of food! 


All dogs are let outside to potty and play at least 6 times a day. You are NEVER charged additional fees for potty breaks/one on one time/extra treats! No matter what room you choose for your dog they all go outside the same amount! Cats are let out periodically throughout their stay (not with other cats) to stretch out their legs and get some play time in.


Book a bath or nail trim with your dogs boarding stay! 

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