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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. From the outside, your facility looks small. Where do the dogs go to the bathroom?

A. Our facility IS small! That's what makes us special. Pets are never over looked because we are 'too busy'. But, to answer your question, we have a large area in the back of our building where all dogs go out side at least 6 times per day.

Q. Why is The Suites outdoor area concrete?

A. Our outdoor exercise and potty area is concrete for the following reasons:
-No Fleas/ticks/bugs 
-We can sanitize an area in a matter of seconds. (Area is sanitized as a whole every night, but washed all throughout the day).
-We want to keep your dogs CLEAN!
-No grass/plant allergies can arise during your pets stay.

Q. What if my dog doesn't go to the bathroom on the concrete?

A. Another plus to concrete, we can tell who has relieved themselves and who hasn't! If we notice your dog isn't relieving him/herself we will take them to the front of the building and see if they go to the bathroom on the grass. Only a few dogs have ever refused to use our backyard to go potty, usually older pets. 

Q. Your hours say you close at 5pm on the week-nights. Are the pets left alone until you open at 8am the next day?

A. Of course not!!  We have kennel attendants who are here until the last turn out. Our office workers don't stroll in at 8am, we are here a lot earlier to feed and let out dogs before we are open. We are also staffed on Holidays that our Lobby is closed. 

Q. My dog is blind/deaf, can you still care for him/her? 

A. YES! We take care of multiple blind/deaf pets. We take alot of precautions, but have no problems taking care of your blind/deaf pets. 

Q. If my dog is in a suite will he/she have other dogs in the suite with him/her?

A. No, the suite that you reserve is your dogs and your dogs ONLY! Whatever you choose to keep your dog in, is where your dog(s) will eat, nap, and sleep for the night. 

Q. Is someone in the building overnight?

A. No, someone is not IN the building overnight. But we have a state of the art security system, fire alarms, and security cameras that are armed when we are closed. Police/Fire Dept/Owner of The Suites are notified in SECONDS if an alarm were to go off. 

Q. Do you take care of special needs or elderly dogs/cats?

A. Yes!! We will distribute meds, give insulin shots, and take every step to make sure your dog/cat is comfortable. For the older/special needs dogs we recommend our "front suites" because we have full camera view of those suites 24/7.

Q. Can my dog be groomed while staying with you?

A. Of course! We suggest that when you make your boarding appointment that you book a grooming appointment as well.

Q. My dog doesn't get along with other dogs, is that a problem?

A. Nope! Your dog can go outside alone, and wont even have to see other dogs.

Q. My dog loves other dogs, will they be able to play with other dogs?

A. We are a small facility, you will never see large groups of dogs together. We have "buddy play". If you would like your dog to socialize we will find a group of 2-5 dogs to play together. While we cant guarantee there will be other dogs that suit your pets play needs, they will be able to run around with us and play!

Q. Do you go in and sit with my pet while they are with you?

A. We are in and out of the pet(s) suites all day long to take them outside, refill waters, etc. At night our kennel attendants spend ALOT of time with your pets. Sitting with them in their suites, or hanging out in the cat room brushing your cat.

Q. Do you use one basic shampoo or a variety?

A. We have a large variety of shampoos. We first looks at your dogs skin and determine what shampoo what work best for your dogs coat/skin. We may ask to use a medicated shampoo or one of our lavender calming shampoos (these cost extra). Check out the "services" page to see the list of highly recommended packages and add ons we offer!



Ask Away!

Heather and "Mezzo"!

Do you have any additional questions regarding your pets stay at The Suites?  Never hesitate to ask! Please feel free to contact us, or call us directly at (608) 757-2334.

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