1717 Holiday Drive Janesville, WI  | P: (608) 757-2334  |  F: (608) 757-9581                Hours | Monday - Friday 8a-4p | Saturday & Sunday - By Appointment ONLY.

Dog Boarding Options

Please Note - You must have a profile made to book a reservation. You may call to check availability, but we cannot book your pup until you have a profile. You can create a profile by clicking here!  Holidays and peak periods book at least 2 months in advance.

2 night minimum on all weekends and holiday stays. Your dog does not have to stay for 2 night, but you will be charged for 2 nights.

Peak Period Surcharge -  All peak period reservations will have a surcharge of $5 per day per dog. Peak Periods are during the following dates:

May 23 - 28

July 1 - 7

August 29 - September 3

November 20 - 24

December 20 - January 2 

Our staff does not have weekends or holidays off. The Suites offers double-pay on all holidays. This surcharge helps us offset the cost it takes to staff on holidays.


Our Basic Suites are 5x5 suites which include a Kuranda Dog Bed. They have walls on each side to ensure total safety and cleanliness from other guests. $40 Per Night 


Our Skylite Suites are our most popular suite. With home like amenities in a contemporary space suitable for every dog. They are 7x6 and come with a small love seat or cot. $45 Per Night 

For our smaller - elder guests we always recommend our Front Suites. Located in the front of our building near our office away from our other suites for a bit more quiet space.
$50 per night 


This larger suite is perfect for a bigger crew, or just a spoiled pup. 6x11 with plenty of room to stretch out, your pup is guaranteed to love this suite!
$50 per night 


This deluxe suite will have any tail waggin'. Full couch for all your pups bed hog tendencies, and even an extra chair incase your pup cant decide where he/she would like to nap.
$55 per night 

Boarding Bonuses

  • Have more than one dog? All additional dogs in the same suite are 50% off!
  • Frozen Peanut Butter Kongs $4
  • F R E E - Bath after 10 night stay!
  • Grab a bully stick or elk antler from our TREAT BAR for a special treat during your dogs vacay!

Interested in boarding your pet? Click the button below to begin making your online profile. Once you are complete call The Suites to make your reservation! You may call to check on availability before hand but we cannot make your reservation or hold your spot until a profile is created. 

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