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In Home Visits & Dog Walking

In Home Visits

You heard right, The Suites now offers In Home Visits!

In Home Visits are perfect for those nights that you will be home late and just need someone to feed and let out your dogs, vacations where you need your cat checked on once per day, or if have a dog that just doesn't like being away from home! 

We do anything from 1 visit, or 3 visits per day for an entire week! We make a schedule that fits your needs. 

We offer In Home Visits 7 days a week from 6am-9:30pm. *Availability is limited*

Home Visits are 30-35 minutes long and can include any of the following:

  • Let dogs outside (exercise time/fetch)
  • Clean litter boxes
  • Feed cats/dogs/other small animals
  • Refresh water
  • Treat time
  • Cuddles
  • Dog Walk (see dog walk section) 
  • Bring in the mail 


1-5 visits = $20 per visit 

6-10 visits = $18 per visit

11-15 visits = $17 per visit

16-30 visits = $15 per visit 

Additional Services 

Nail Trim - $15

Dog Walk - $13 (discounted rate) 

Outdoor Poop Pick Up (Entire Yard) $25-35



Dog Walking

Working extra hours this summer or just cant get your dog to doggy daycare for the week? Let us help you! 

The Suites Dog Walking is here to save the day! 

No hassle of having to load the dog up, we come to you! Dog Walks are scheduled M W F from 6am-3pm. They are 30-35 minutes long. Perfect opportunity to get that extra energy out when you don't have time to. 


  • 1 Walk 1 Dog - $15
  • 1 Walk 2 Dogs - $18
  • Week Package 1 Dog - $40
  • Week Package 2 Dogs - $45
  • Monthly Package 1 Dog - $150
  • Monthly Package 2 Dogs - $160

Call today to schedule your dog walk! We do accept day of reservations. The Owner of The Suites is the only Dog Walker at this time. We are fully insured and bonded!


  • Dog must be leash trained
  • No aggression of any kind
  • Vaccinated

*The Suites reserves the right to refuse service to any pets we deem unfit for Dog Walking or In Home Visits.*

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